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Mysteries of the Tent or Succah of David

This 28 page article reveals many of the mysteries of the Tent or Succah of David... such as where David put up the Tent in which he placed the Ark of The Covenant.  Also, it gives us many insights into the modern day Tent of David that is now being raised up in these End-Time days, such as the location in Jerusalem where this great event of the Outpouring of God's Spirit will take place in Jerusalem in the very near future.  God has shown to this author in two prophetic visions in the spring of 1999 that this mystery location of the center of the Tent of David will be the area around the Mount Zion hills and the Ben Hinnom Valley in Jerusalem, located near Jaffa Gate.
     Today, a 24 hour / seven days a week, Worship and Intercession Prayer Center called Succat Hallel has been raised up at the exact location where this author was shown the two visions of the Great Outpouring of God's Holy Spirit that is coming to Jerusalem.