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Feed My Sheep Jerusalem - Messianic Prophetic Books, Articles, and Scenic Scripture. Photo Art, using Old and New Testament Scriptures with the best Nature Photography on Greeting Cards and Prints. Download free End-Times Salvation Books and Prophesy Articles about Messiah Yeshua, and not Yeshu, Zion, Jerusalem, Israel, Holy Land, some in Hebrew, Russian, German, French, Spanish, for the Salvation of my Jewish people.


Copyright © 1997, 204 pages. This book was published in the United States.

This book is an in depth study of three major topics:

  1. the Lord Jesus' true birthday
  2. a deeper understanding of many of the revealed mysteries concerning the Bride of Messiah
  3. a thorough study of LORD Yeshua's soon return

All three topics are explored in depthin relation to the Seven Biblical Feasts of the LORD which God has given to Israel, with many new insights on these Feasts, to understand more clearly the mystery of theLord's return.

This book is a collection of scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments. It was printed only English. It will soon be sold out! Cost of book is $12 + freight $4 = $16

Revised Edition of THE RETURN OF THE MESSIAH, THE KING OF GLORY is now available to download for free from this Website.