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Feed My Sheep Jerusalem - Messianic Prophetic Books, Articles, and Scenic Scripture. Photo Art, using Old and New Testament Scriptures with the best Nature Photography on Greeting Cards and Prints. Download free End-Times Salvation Books and Prophesy Articles about Messiah Yeshua, and not Yeshu, Zion, Jerusalem, Israel, Holy Land, some in Hebrew, Russian, German, French, Spanish, for the Salvation of my Jewish people.

WHERE IS THE GOD OF ISRAEL? Why is He Hiding His Face from Jacob?

Copyright © Jerusalem, 2000, 20 pages, $1.50 + freight = $4. Published in Jerusalem, Israel.  Printed in English, Hebrew, and Russian.  Currently available in English only in hardcover.  The Revised Edition, Copyright ©  2005, 24 pages, is now available in English only, to download for free from this website.

     This all scripture booklet is for the unsaved Jewish reader. This study is on the Scriptures concerning 'the Father', 'the Son', and 'the Holy Spirit', as found in the Tanakh (Old Testament).  It is also a study of many of the different names God has given to His Son, which are found in the Old Testament.

     This booklet has been handed out free by the thousands all over Israel to both Israeli Hebrew and Russian speaking Jews.  

Richard Aaron Honorof