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Feed My Sheep Jerusalem - Messianic Prophetic Books, Articles, and Scenic Scripture. Photo Art, using Old and New Testament Scriptures with the best Nature Photography on Greeting Cards and Prints. Download free End-Times Salvation Books and Prophesy Articles about Messiah Yeshua, and not Yeshu, Zion, Jerusalem, Israel, Holy Land, some in Hebrew, Russian, German, French, Spanish, for the Salvation of my Jewish people.

Who We Are

My name is Richard Aaron Honorof. I am a Jewish believer in the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), living with my wife in Jerusalem. I have been a professional nature photographer working with bible scriptures since 1982. I am a writer of many Old Testament scripture books and booklets, both in English, Hebrew, and Russian, which have gone out free by the thousands all over Israel, for the Salvation of my Jewish people. I also have published the Messianic Scriptures of the Old Testament in English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French, German and Arabic. All these writings can be found under Author's Articles.

I have also produced and distributed other literature in Arabic for the Salvation of the Arab Moslem people living here in Israel.

The purpose of this Ministry is to help prepare the Body of believers in Israel for the coming of our Messiah Yeshua, and for the Great Outpouring of God's Holy Spirit and the Great Harvest of souls that is coming soon to Israel and Jerusalem. More and more of the people of Israel, both Jewish and Arab, are turning to the God of Israel, and realizing this amazing Truth that the God of Heaven is both our Savior and also our real Messiah, Yeshua.

In June, 1999, I was given two quick visions in rapid succession of the Great Outpouring of God's Spirit falling on large numbers of people gathered in the Mount Zion hills and in the ben Hinnom Valley just below the Mount Zion Hotel in Jerusalem. In these two visions, the people had their hands raised up to heaven to receive God's Holy Spirit outpouring pouring down on them.

Then on April 7, 2005, God turned two normal photos into miracle Golden photos on my computer screen, which I had taken prior on an overcast and cloudy day of the Mount Zion hills and the ben Hinnom Valley area below. These photos were taken in the same location where God had shown me the two visions in 1999 of the coming Great Outpouring of God's Spirit.

These two miracle photos are again confirmations of what God is about to do here in Jerusalem.

Read the 'Miracle Cover Photo Story', and also the lab reports on these two Golden photos taken of the Mount Zion hill and ben Hinnom Valley area in Jerusalem, showing why these two photos are actually real miracles. 'Do Not Touch the Glory!'

Selling beautiful scripture photographs on Greeting Cards and Prints in Israel is one way which God has given me to earn an income and continue this Ministry. You to be able to choose a large number of excellent scripture photographs. Most of the scripture photographs on this Website are ones which I have taken personally. New photographs are added to this Website on a regular basis.


This Website has been set up to strengthen and encourage believers in the God of Israel, with God's Word from the Holy Scriptures, especially as we are heading into the End Times before Jesus's soon return.

These Old and New Testament scripture photographs, books, and articles offered on this Website are all free to download. They contain excellent Jewish materials that can be given out or sent as gifts to your family, friends, and to your unsaved Jewish neighbors.

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